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author - pastor - speaker - life coach

"If God did not PROTECT you from it,

He has PREPARED you for it!"

-Dr. Rickey McCray


Dr. McCray is a pastor, teacher, preacher, author, entrepreneur, leadership consultant, singer, songwriter, worship leader and musician who has been featured on several nationally recorded albums. His belief is that “The Word of God must be spread through preaching, teaching, song, dance and creative art.”


Dr. Rickey Allen McCray Jr. is the Senior Pastor of The Way Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. He and his wife Robyn McCray have four daughters, Brittany, Aaliyah, Melodey and Skyia. He has a bachelor’s degree from St. Joseph’s College, a Master of Divinity from Christian Theological Seminary, as well as a Doctor of Ministry degree earned from Christian Theological Seminary.


God gave Dr. McCray the awesome privilege of birthing THE WAY CHURCH into existence in 2012; one of the fastest growing churches in the Indianapolis area. Because of his belief that God has destined everyone for greatness, he is passionate about standing for those who are oppressed, silenced, and marginalized.


One of Dr. McCray’s other passions is meeting the needs of youth and teens. In 2014, Dr. McCray started We Care Indy; a youth organization that employs and mentors’ youth while they perform free lawn care services for senior citizens. This program has served over 200 youth in the Indianapolis community. We Care Indy is committed to teaching entrepreneurship, financial literacy, conflict resolution, career, and college readiness.



In 2019, Dr. McCray released his first children’s book entitled, “What’s All the Fuss Over Mr. Wilson?”. This book is an amazing illustration of the story of a teenage boy that discovers the true meaning of God’s love. This publication was birthed and developed from a personal experience Dr. McCray had as a child. His latest book, “Some Things Are Worth Fighting For” is about his personal story of forgiveness and reconciliation with his father. Which will be released September 2022. Dr. McCray’s vision is to inspire and encourage everyone to discover, embrace, and live out their God given greatness.